Monster 1100/796/696

HandleBar exhaust valve remote activaction with Raspberry-pi

A remote indipendent driving of exhaust valve for Monster 1100.

This project goes in accompaniment with this other Post and is useful if you need to drive exhaust valve manually on the road with a switch on handelbar.

Whats you need:
– Raspberry-pi zero W
Raspio board as ADC converter
– At least 4 Gb Sd memory
Raspian Lite
– Pc debian like as Ubuntu for work around
– Dc-dc step down converter like as MP1584EN as power adapter

Start with pc linux terminal, write Raspian.img into Sd with:
sudo dd if=raspian.img of=/dev/sdb
Change path and name of raspian.img as your path and real usb device.

Now last operation with SD on Pc linux for configure Wireless Lan or Ethernet. Edit in the sd card sudo nano /etc/network/interfacesas below:
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
iface eth0 inet dhcp
allow-hotplug wlan0
iface wlan0 inet dhcp
wpa-ssid your-SSID
wpa-psk your-password

Save and put sd into Raspberry, discover IP and if nothing wrong you can be abled to connect to it with SSH client.
Connect at Raspi from pc in SSH with ssh pi@(raspi_IP) password raspberry.

Install MCP3008 Raspio adc library
sudo pip install adafruit-mcp3008

Python code

This code work with input switch and two exchange file, ERROR.txt and IO.txt. Error.txt is useful in case of an error of system and if log is true valve remain still.
IO.txt describe actually position of valve.
Python code is composed by one primary code and two secondary and


Here full Schematic.

Calibrate MP1584EN for an output of 5 Volt.

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