Save sd memory life of your Raspberry-Pi

Save the life of our project stored in sd memory is almost a backup  🙂

For my experience a good SD Memory as “Sandisk” or “Verbatim” mounted in a raspberry-pi not go over 2/3 years . . For this reason i’ve tried “Adafruit Script” for preserve SD memory life.

Here original page

Pratically the script turn Pi file system in Read only mode and with zero access in write mode it help Sd life.
In reality the script do more other thing, it acts with services and it disable “Cron”, Realtime clock, Logs and other.
In my projects i’ve used Cron as schedulizer, but there is other way to do it, for example for reboot without Cron you can use shutdown -r +1440.
While for Realtime Clock you can use ntpdate.
After Script you can always to change your filesystem with putting SD memory in other PC or if really need access from Raspberry you can turn temporaly filesystem back in R/W mode changing /etc/fstab and deleting suffix ro.

If you need instead a folder in r/w mode you can create a ext4 partition in SD memory and add a mount point in /etc/fstab how in example:
proc /proc proc defaults 0 0
PARTUUID=35d63ca2-01 /boot vfat defaults,ro 0 2
PARTUUID=35d63ca2-02 / ext4 defaults,noatime,ro 0 1
PARTUUID=35d63ca2-03 /usb ext4 defaults,noatime 0 2


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